About PTT

PTT was established in 2012 to provide Trustee Services to help financially protect Travel Industry Consumer Funds.

The Civil Aviation Authority (“CAA”) has approved PTT as a Travel Trustee and PTT complies with all of the CAA’s requirements encompassing Corporate Governance, Quality of Staff, Systems and IT.

PTT’s team manages the ATOL Trusts for Three of the Eight Accredited Bodies and One major Franchise licenced by the CAA. PTT also acts for numerous other Travel businesses encompassing Airlines, Flight seat providers, Accommodation only and other related travel businesses.

PTT and Sudheer

PTT provides Independent Trustee services only to its clients for the benefit of the beneficiaries

PTT has a wealth of experience; its operations are ably managed by Independent, Experienced and Qualified Trustees and Executives with many years of experience in managing Trusts and in building great professional relations with their clients. We have an in depth and unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the Travel industry, Travel Trusts and other Business Verticals.

PTT is managed by Sudheer K Sharma, a Chartered Accountant. Sudheer has been involved in a wide variety of Travel Industry roles both in the Corporate and Regulatory environment since 1993. Sudheer has been a Travel Trustee since 2001 and has overseen the disposition of £Billions of travel funds belonging to over one thousand travel businesses, large and small.

Bespoke Trusts and Escrow solutions

Since 2015, PTT has expanded into Non Travel business verticals to provide  bespoke Trust and Escrow services. The objective in all situations is to financially protect beneficiary funds consistent with the requirements of the respective Trust or Escrow arrangements.

PTT maintains strong links with, Its Clients, the CAA, major Banks, Merchant Acquirers and Law Firms specialising in Travel and Non Travel Trusts.

PTT services encompass the following sectors:

  • Travel Sector which involves both Statutory and Non Statutory arrangements

  • Retail Sector prepayments – e.g Gift Cards & Vouchers, advance collection of retail funds,etc

  • Charities

  • Escrow arrangements for:

    • Merchant Acquirers & Banks
    • Solicitors
    • Concierge Services
    • Aircraft transactions
    • Event Services
    • Property Management

Protection models offered by PTT

  • Trust and Escrow arrangements

  • Insurance solutions

  • Combination of Trust & Escrow and Insurance

  • Other Bespoke solutions

Merchant Acquirers

Merchant Acquirers have increasingly grown to understand the benefit of these trust arrangements and how these trusts enhance protection of consumer funds and mitigate acquirer risks. PTT has developed a number of Bespoke Trust solutions for these Merchant Acquirers.

Such solutions lead to better relations all round as they provide clarity and transparency as to the funds held in Trust and how the amounts have been computed. Clients also have clarity as to quantum and timing of claims.