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Advanced Supplier Payment Protection (ASPP)

A new financial protection model has been developed for travel businesses which holds customers funds in 'non-flight' trusts and allows funds to be released back before departure and assist with cashflow. Interested? read more

About PT Trustees

PT Trustees is a major UK Trustee operating with the primary objective of providing Independent Trustee and Escrow services.

PTT provides Trustee and Escrow services for a variety of verticals where funds have to be protected and managed for the benefit of Stakeholders, Consumers and other Beneficiaries.

Such arrangements may arise from statutory or other business related obligations. PTT acts in an independent capacity to ensure these objectives are achieved and delivered upon as defined.

These obligations are set out in Trust Deeds, Escrow Agreements or similar arrangements which are legally enforceable. PTT's independent stewardship lends credibility to the robust protection structures that arise from such arrangements.

PTT is managed by a team of experienced professionals operating with advanced systems designed to assist in the management of protected funds. Such funds are generally held pending delivery of a service or product.

Why PTT as Trustee?

  • PTT has a proven track record. It currently manages over £1bn pa of Trust Funds for a large number of businesses.

  • PTT is truly Independent and its objective is to provide Independent and effective Trustee services.

  • PTT's Trust professionals are very experienced and manage a significant volume of transactions daily and interact with their Trust clients on a regular basis.

  • PTT has unrivalled knowledge of the complexities of the Travel industry and Travel Trusts. PTT capabilities extend to providing Trust and Escrow services for Non Travel sectors.

  • PTT provides a seamless service to ensure the highest quality protection for Consumer Funds.

  • PTT operates with leading edge Systems and AI Technology which is bespoke and tailored to individual client requirements. This process is supported by a judicious mix of review and substantiation processes.

  • PTT is able to advise on the practical aspects of operating Trusts to assist clients to comply with their Regulatory and Business obligations.

  • PTT understands the Commercial Imperative of its clients and how this can be achieved whilst complying with Regulatory and Business obligations.

  • PTT maintains strong links with the regulators, major Banks, Merchant Acquirers and Law Firms specialising in Travel and Other business sectors.

  • PTT's services, its knowledge, operations and ability to provide in depth advice engenders confidence and trust.

What our Clients & Partners think of us...

“The PTT team have been amazing during the whole process of our Trust transition. They have great experience, are confident but also very reassuring.”

“PTT have proven to deliver the highest level of professional services during a challenging COVID period involving complex problem solving.”

“We would highly recommend PT Trustees to anyone wishing to take up their services.”

“I believe that all tour operators should be using a trust account model and PTT are ideally placed to service this need.”

“If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend.”

“PTT are a pivotal partner to our company and our future growth strategy.”

“It has been a pleasure working with PTT and looking forward to continuing into the future.”

“The team at PT Trustees Ltd are very professional and conduct themselves in a positive and friendly manner. ”

“The team at PTT have always been extremely professional and helpful...”

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